FL Studio Intro to Sampling and Beat Making Tutorial

In response to the COVID-19/Corona Virus Pandemic, in addition to putting on the #GlobalBeatCypher, Today’s Future Sound has also been shifting to a virtual and remote model, bringing tutorials and classes online. As part of this initiative we plan to release a series of intro videos to music production programs. In the past few weeks, several companies like Ableton (maker of Live), Apple (maker of Logic Pro), and Image-Line (maker of FL Studio) that manufacture and sell this software have given 90-day free trials to first-time users and the general public.

The tutorial below was done in real-time over Zoom by TFS Director, Dr. Gann, for a member of the community who had downloaded the FL Studio 20 music production suite. In this tutorial, the basics of drum programming and drum sound selection, samples chopping and looping, time-stretching and and arrangement are explored including the use of samples from this past Saturday’s #GlobalBeatCypher which is free to download from our Souncloud.com/todaysfuturesound page! Grab FL Studio, the #GlobalBeatCypher sample pack/s, and try making your own beats! If you are interested in private lessons, we do offer that as well so be sure to reach out to us through our contact form or social media.