#GlobalBeatCypher XXXII

Join in this Saturday, October 17th at 7:00pm PST for our next beat battle! ! !

@todaysfuturesound #GlobalBeatCypher Part XXXII 1 vs. 1 #beatbattle #sampleflip @_wrks vs. @yume_soul

Feat special guest performers/judges @equalibrum @s3oulc1ty_ @dj_prominent @stretchito @cutso @ with #FreeDL Sample Pack by @dj_prominent from around the globe hosted by @phillipdrummond and @stretchito

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Sample pack streaming on SoundCloud.com/todaysfuturesound or use the short code above!

Hosted by @phillipdrummond— DM us if interested in participating:

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#GlobalBeatCypher features and showcases beat makers and producers from all around the globe. Our attempt to connect and combat isolation, build community and share dope beats in the time of #covid_19 #corona and showcase producers! Tune in and share your beats! DM us or @phillipdrummond to get Zoom link to participate!

background design/sticker/flyer by @ayesa_love can be purchased with the full limited edition boutique sticker pack (8 stickers total for $20 USD) through link below here to support our work teaching beats to kids and putting on these #beatcypher events: