Beats Not Streets Beat Battle in Los Angeles




tfs x grn+gld beat battle @ crosby web


A fundraiser for Today’s Future Sound, keeping kids making beats and off the streets.

TFS uses music production and media arts as vehicles through which to empower youth as artists and community members while fostering their well-being as individuals. Based in Oakland, CA, TFS is making their debut in Los Angeles/Southern California and teaching beatmaking to continuation schools students through Artworxla from Monday Jan 13th-Friday Jan 18th. TFS is also expanding to include extended family and a LA branch.

The “Beats Not Streets” Beat Battle fundraiser is based on the idea of keeping kids out of and off the streets, and instead getting them in the lab creating beats to positively channel their energy. This is a collaborative event between TFS and the Grn+Gld crew at The Crosby in Santa Ana. Contestants will go head to head playing original beats and also flip samples they are given ahead of time (see below) to make beats. All beats will be 1 minute in length and there will be three rounds. First place wins a Keith McMillen Instruments #QuNeo 3D pad midi controller, Sounds ForSamplers drums sounds kit, IStandard Producers / iStandard Producers lifetime website membership, and 2nd place wins a Nady Systems, Inc USB Microphone. Producers who are eliminated before they get to play their third and fourth round sample flips will get invited to compete in two instant death wild card battles with those beats to determine who will win the hardware hardware bags from SKB as seen below:

$10 flat entry fee for contestants. Contestants are encouraged but NOT required to bring what they use to make and perform their beats (laptops, midi controllers, beat machines, etc.). Contestants that choose not are NOT docked points, and are asked to bring their beats on CD and USB thumb drive. Sample flip beats for the last two rounds will be sent to Phillipdrummond the night before the battle and a “Beats Not Streets” Beat Battle Tape will be released for free download, consisting of sample flips. YOU ARE MAKING TWO BEATS from the samples in the zip of samples below.
The first beat is for the “Funky” round which is round 3
The second beat is for the final round, “Coolin off.” you are making ONE 1-minute beat for each of these rounds and can use as many or as few of the samples given.

########samples for rounds 3 and 4########

Hosted by Aspect One (KOTD)
Judges: Asterix Music, Rahfee Zahkee and audience is third judge!
For more info or to enter, contact PhillipDrummond Philthybeats
@tfs_beats or @philthydrummond on twitter
Phillipdrummond aka Philthydrummond aka Pd