Bringing it home: TRF Tuesday Therapeutic Applications of Hip Hop Workshop Series Week 1 & 2

Session 1: Feeling the Beat: An Introduction to Beats, Breaks, Beat Making and Hip Hop Music

This interactive workshop makes use of multisensory integration and learning to teach the fundamentals of beat making/drum programming, starting with the core of Hip Hop beats and its origin in “The Breaks.”

Repetitive beats, in a synchronized group using bodily movement, as well as basics of drum programming/beat making on virtual online platforms, was used to illustrate the Today’s Future Sound (TFS) model. This workshop is grounded in Dr. Gann’s Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) theory, model, and published research.


Session 2: Feeling the Beat Part II: Bringing it Home, Instructor: Elliot Gann, Psy.D., Executive Director, Today’s Future Sound

This workshop builds upon Part I and introduces the fundamentals of programming drums/beats on a free, web-based, beat making application.