Discover Magazine: Why Lo-Fi Music Draws Listeners In

Check out Discover Magazine’s latest article on Lo-Fi music, featuring Dr. Elliot Gann and Dr. Raphael Travis Jr.

“Lo-fi” itself can apply across genres, as the term speaks to how music is recorded. This includes environmental sounds that make it onto the track, like kids playing outside or the rustling of papers. These can be combined with other intentional sounds that feel “like [you’re] hearing music come through the walls,” says Elliot Gann.

“Hip hop beats are the contemporary heartbeat of society,” writes Raphael Travis Jr., a social work researcher at Texas State University who studies how hip hop works in therapeutic settings.

Why Lo-Fi Music Draws Listeners In >>>
The fuzz and crackle over Lo-Fi music’s familiar beats evoke emotions some of us are looking for right now.
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