Glowiththeflow Kiz Bangerh interviews Dr. Elliot Gann


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Hip Hop HEALS Kiz chats creativity and social action through the lens of Hip Hop with mentor Ben Rafiqi, founder of Let’s Feed Brum homeless charity and ally Greg Rogers of Making Change Studios. Listen as we delve into radical solutions to homelessness and mental ill health. Guests shamans share inner wisdoms. MCs from rap, reggae and hip hop guide us to boost our creative powers along with social entrepreneurs, activists, artists and poets. Join us as we glowitheflow.

Kiz and Dr. Elliot Gann of Today’s Future Sound go deep into neuroscience, trauma, and therapeutic beat-making. They talk Hip Hop culture, therapy, and the dangers of calling work ‘therapy’ when it’s not delivered by trained therapists.

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