New York City Teaching Trip, #HipHopTherapy Collab and Preemptive Education Conference

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Gann and TFS NYC staff and volunteers have been teaching and training music teachers, social workers and other embedded staff at various school sites in the South Bronx and Brooklyn. Additionally, Dr. Gann did an impromptu performance and workshop at NYU’s MusEdLab with the Ed Sullivan Fellows, and attended the Preemptive Education Conference put on by Urban Word NYC.

In the South Bronx, Dr. Gann and TFS NYC staff trained social worker and Hip Hop Therapist JC Hall at Mott Haven Community High School in the studio that JC built from the ground up with support from MHCH, which includes a full studio and turntables, as well as Ableton Live and Pushes (which Dr. Gann/TFS helped to get donated). Dr. Gann taught JC and other staff at the school the basics of Ableton Push operations and techniques, as well as the TFS Therapeutic Beat Making model.

In Brooklyn, Dr. Gann trained music teacher Ian Cummings and his students at Eagle Academy in Brownsville on the how to use the Ableton Live/Push and different styles of Hip Hop beat making/music production.

The Preemptive Education Conference featured some workshops on #HipHopEd or Hip Hop Education programs and #HipHopTherapy programs from the likes of Dr. Don Sawyer of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT and Ian Levy of Columbia Teachers College.

Some footage of workshops at Mott Haven Community High School in the South Bronx:

Watch this video on All Def Digital about JC Hall’s #HipHopTherapy program at Mott Haven Community High School:

Dr. Gann with students from Eagle Academy in Brooklyn:

Training social worker JC Hall on Ableton Push:

Workshop with Ed Sullivan Fellow at NYU’s MusEdLab:

Preemptive Education Conference at NYU/Steinhardt School of Education: