Night Moves Beat Battle and Fundraiser (6/29)

This is a soul, funk, rare groove library music sample flip beat battle (samples provided by Shawn Bernardo/Vinyle Archaeologie) fundraiser for TFS to help continue providing services to under-served youth in Oakland and the Bay (see for video, etc. of our work), including music production/beat making, recording, DJ’ing and live instrumentation.

Soul Groove/Chicken Fried Soul is an amazing Fried Chicken and Waffles restaurant that plays soul and groove music in their restaurant in the Tenderloin in SF! They will be supporting the work of Today’s Future Sound among other community organizations with profits from their restaurant.

Hosted by Reid Richards
DJ’ed by Timestretch and Pd
Judged by TD Camp and the crowd!
Sunday June 30th, 6pm-12am
Showdown SF, 10 6th street between Mission and Market
Live beat sets by
FreaQ Show (Chillout! Music)
Autumn Turn (Today’s Future Sound)
Ruff Draft and Joe Mousepad

RSVP on Facebook:  Today’s Future Sound NightMoves Beat Battle and Fundraiser


Winner gets a Keith McMillen QuNeo pad midi controller and other gear, shirts from Mixerfriendly, Emulsion and Base Apparel Companies, as well as lifetime membership!

to compete contact Phillipdrummond on FB, @philthydrummond @tfs_beats and/or

Samples/songs to use for the battle are in zip file below:


1) Panorama Beats – Group 1 – Night in the Forest
2) Benjo Beats Group 2 – Night Walk
3) Mr. Fish Group 3 – Night Owl
4) Yelir Group 4 – Night Games
5) Aphex Crash – Group 1 – Night in the Forest
6) TRSTFND – Group 2 – Night Walk
7) Oncore Group 3 – Night Owl
8) Tahaj Group 4 – Night Games
9) R.Fifth Group 1 – Night in the Forest
10) Mickey Caine – Group 2 – Night Walk
11) Mike C – Group 3 – Night Owl
12) Sleek Beats Group 4 – Night Games
13) BayRoo burner Group 1 Night in the Forest
14) james bailey Group 2 – Night Walk
15).stone rock Group 3 – Night Owl
16) autumn Turn group 4 – Night Games

1) Your producer name for the “artist” info
2) the name of the album is “Soul Groove Beat Battle Tape”
3) You will name each three flips for all the rounds and we encourage you to include your artist name in the name of the file.

Producers must do all four rounds in order to participate:

All beats (except for round 4) are 1 minute in length

Round 1 is assigned sample, so you must contact in order to be
assigned a sample group. You will be assigned to one of four groups and then have to make a beat out of that sample.

Round 2 is the sample pack and you may use as many or as few of the songs/samples to make ONE beat, but you may not use
ANY SAMPLES, DRUMS OR SOUNDS from outside of the sample pack except for spoken vocal snippets/dialogue (like a dj battle)

Round 3 is the “sample at will” sample pack, meaning you must use at least one song in the folder to make your beat, but are not limited to just the songs
in that folder, which is the case for Round 2. Obviously, this is a sample flip beat battle, so we want to hear what you can do with the samples provided.

Round 4 is you must flip the song “Night Moves” into a 1 minute beat.

The winner will receive a prize pack from the sponsors including the grand prize, which will be music production/midi controller gear, as well
as lifetime istandardproducers website membership.