Slumpfest 2: Calitroit J Dilla Tribute Beat Battle Fundraiser

Slump-Fest-2 web updated


It’s going down again! Paying tribute to the late and great JDilla and his slumpin’ Calitroit style. Today’s Future Sound and Phillipdrummond aka Philthydrummond aka Pd bring your the dopest blaps in the Bay LIVE at our beat battle fundraiser. Our red suitcase with mixing board, lots of TFS logo t-shirts, TFS banner etc. was stolen from the last fundraiser (if you see an SF sidewalk sale either buy it and return or gank it back and return to us!) and we are also raising funds for the usual general operation costs and supporting our free Beats4Lunch program at West Oakland Middle School.

Live tournament style beat battle! Bring your own beats—we encourage folks to play the beats live and bring your equipment but you are welcome to bring USB drive/CD and you won’t be docked points for this!