Soundtrap: Trauma-Afflicted Students Re-Author Their Narratives

Rhythmic Mind and Today’s Future Sound’s collaboration are helping youth who have experience trauma reshape their personal narratives by creating Hip-hop music and engaging with therapeutic techniques. As clinical psychologists, their partnership brings about expertise for therapeutic beat-making programming. Check out the latest piece in Soundtrap featuring Dr. Elliot Gann and Rhythmic Minds delving into programs revolved around therapeutic methodologies for youth fostering creativity and self-expression.

“Elwin Williams III aka Da Rap Nerd is TFS’s lead instructor for the Hall project and an expert in the beat production department. “Soundtrap has been that lifeline for them,” says Williams. “Even if they can’t be with us all the time, now they have something they can work with and utilize [on their own] to keep it going for themselves.”

Article: Trauma-Afflicted Students Re-Author Their Narratives