Ten Track Commandments (3/9)

TFS will be doing a music production workshop at Rock the School Bells.  In this workshop, Today’s Future Sound will explore what makes a beat hot, and help workshop participants get hands-on experience making their own beats with various different computer programs (Reason, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Akai MPC, etc.) and hardware beatmaking stations as well as a chance to try DJ’ing.  Students will cycle through the different stations, giving them an opportunity to try many different beatmaking set-ups.  The workshop will be guided by the initial lecture portion, which will show clips from a few documentaries to introduce the concept and history of sampling/beatmaking.  Participants will learn to make both sample-based and synth beats, based upon ten principles of what makes a track hot.

No previous beatmaking or musical experience is necessary.

RTSB6_01 final!