TFS Collaboration with Javier Ramirez/D1 School of Dance in Peru

In January, TFS Executive Director Dr. Gann/Phillipdrummond and Senior TFS instructor Alex Blum went to Lima, Peru to teach at D1 School of Dance and to meet long-time online/virtual collaborator Javier Ramirez-Noriega. TFS, its staff and students have collaborated with Javier Ramirez for going on three years now by sending beats for placement in videos, but this was the first time that they were able to collaborate in person. Javier Ramirez also facilitated the collaboration between D1 (who brought down Dr. Gann) and TFS, who taught several hundreds of students in the span of a few weeks, both at the D1 campus at around the greater Lima metro area at various satellite campuses.

The video clip below contains an original track “La Victoria” by Phillipdrummond Philthybeats, which is available for download/stream here. This track samples a classic Afro-Peruvian song which was introduced to Dr. Gann by an Afro-Peruvian student from La Victoria neighborhood of Lima, who requested that Dr. Gann remix it. With 12 minutes to do this, Dr. Gann/Phillipdrummond put on his beat making cap and this was the result! This track also resulted in a music/dance video shoot a la collaborator Yak Films‘ style of videos with D1 dancer Tiara (clip coming soon!).