TFS Director Dr. Gann Presents at HHAAE Conference in Long Beach

Dr. Gann, Director of Today’s Future Sound presents:

“’It’s Just Beat Making, right?’ STEAM, Therapeutic Beat Making and Why Making Beats Matter (An Interactive Presentation)”

This session will address the nuanced and multidimensional aspects of STEAM/STEM, intercultural understanding/learning and therapeutic aspects of the Today’s Future Sound and Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) model. Hands-on, interactive beat making activities will be included as well as an intoxication to understanding what trauma is, what the difference between PTSD and Complex/Developmental Trauma is, and how and why that relates to Hip Hop and beat making as an effective intervention for many students, artists, and community members. 

Dr. Elliot Gann aka Phillipdrummond of Today’s Future Sound

Attend virtually or in-person at Cal State University at Long Beach, Long Beach, California: