TFS Feature in the News, Returns to Jackson, Mississippi for Teaching and Training

News story on local Jackson TV station on TFS’ work:

Today’s Future Sound has returned to Jackson, Mississippi for a second time this month thanks to Councilman (and TFS friend/supporter) Melvin Priester, Jr. of Ward 2. Dr. Elliot Gann, 27-time beat battle champ pOETiqbEETtz (Hank Marshall) and local TFS JXN/MS family and Jackson locals Nick “360” Couch, Phillip “Young Venom” Rollins, and Ray Cager joined to provide further after-school music production workshops. This included pOETiqbEETtz’s infamous 10/15 minute sample flip challenge in which the audience of kids chose a song for pOETiq to “flip” or remix into a new song in with a time limit (yesterday 15 minutes, today 10 minutes) in front of their very eyes. You can see snippets of the process below. Today’s challenge was for pOETiq to flip the “ABC” song in only 10 minutes, which he did successfully to the children’s delight.

To say that TFS received a warm welcome would be a bit of an understatement, per the TFS instructors’ facebook entries below:

Heart-warming moment of the day:
Upon entering Vergy P. Middleton community center in Jackson, MS with Melvin Priester/ Melvin Priester Jr. who flew us ( Today’s Future Sound ) out, the kids cheered as we walked in and a little boy ran up to me and threw his arms around me and hugged me. Wow. That is what we do this for.

Edit/Update as of 9/17/13:
“Cutest moment Today’s Future Sound I experienced today: the little guy (six year old) with whom we have been working and playing decided he wanted to be called Dr. Elliot for his Hip Hop alias/producer name, but when it was pointed out that people might get confused with Dr. Elliot Gann (whom the kids call Dr. Elliot) he settled on Dr. K, which stood for his name. Going to miss these little guys and gals.”

Nick “360” Couch:
I don’t think there is anything that compares to walking into a room of kids that are excited about making beats and they all scream 360!!!! when you walk in the door, hahaha!!!! I don’t care if I ever play another show. I want to continue to work with the youth and Today’s Future Sound.