Today’s Future Sound at RTSB 7 Hip Hop Educational Conference


Today’s Future Sound staff will be presenting two workshops at the 7th annual Rock the School Bells Hip Hop Educational Conference at Skyline College in San Bruno on Saturday March 1st.

Senior instructor Moses Rhones, Jr. will be presenting “Fight The Power: A Deconstruction of a Reaction to the Times Through Sound.”

Today’s Future Sound will cover what elements made the 1989 song ”Fight The Power” by Public Enemy. This workshop is important because it will provide the context to the socio-economic, political, and racial tensions that inspired the song to be included in Spike Lee’s 1989 film, ”Do The Right Thing”. Participants will learn why this song was requested by the people to be incorporated into the film. They will learn what samples were used, why they were used and how they were put together.

Founder/Director of TFS, Dr. Elliot Gann will be giving a talk/presentation entitled “Bringing Beats into the Classroom: Academic Applications of Hip Hop, Beat Making and DJ’ing” (Session #3)

This workshop will explore the potential for using Hip Hop music production, DJ’ing and culture as teaching and therapeutic tools. Today’s Future Sound’s work during and after school hours on campus will be used to illustrate such interventions. STE(A)M and interdisciplinary curriculum are taught through the modalities of music production and DJ’ing. Participants can expect to learn the basics of beat making and applications of this in the classroom as well as gaining news ideas and uses of beat-related culture.


Registration is free for students and can be accessed here: