Twitchathon Night Swim Radio & TFS Merch

On September 25th Night Swim Radio will release Music To Call Home Volume 4 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Today’s Future Sound. This series was started in January 2019 in an effort to raise money for different charities through the release of music compilations. All four releases are submissions based on artists around the globe. Previous compilations have supported The Bethesda Project, Rock To The Future, and Pennsylvania SPCA. Night Swim Radio is dedicated to charitable efforts both through the release of the Music To Call Home series and Twitch charity drives raising over $2,000 since 2019. You can find the full list of non-profit organizations we have donated to on their website:
All releases by Night Swim Radio are available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

Today’s Future Sound has many products for purchase – hats, tees, stickers, and more!

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