Vinyl Sampling Workshop at Hoover Elementary in West Oakland

Video by Peter Alexakos
Videographer / Editor / Motion Graphics Design
Why teach elementary school students how to sample vinyl records? Here are a thoughts exploring the work that we do, and why we do what we do. An alternative approach to education outside of school hours that offers students a multitude of benefits.

To learn about contemporary history, including the history Hip Hop and sampling.

To learn about the difference between analog and digital, including the associated mathematical, technological and scientific principles involved in the operation of playing vinyl records.

To foster creativity and ingenuity.

To support healthy forms of expression and coping skills.

To build teamwork and prosocial skills.

To learn about genres of music from the past to which they otherwise might listen.

To model caring for the next generation and sharing of knowledge.

To introduce students to independent teaching artist in their communities and from other communities.

And a multitude of other reasons. Please support Today’s Future Sound today and share this video, our website, buy a t-shirt, make a donation, or tell a friend! #hiphoped